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Is this Aid ?

Pakistan’s Predicament: An Environmental and Humanitarian Crisis Coupled with a Staggering Foreign Debt by Damien Millet and Sophie Perchellet and Eric Toussaint Because of torrential rains lasting several days Pakistan is facing one of the worst predicaments in human and material terms for the last 80 years. The damage inflicted is stunning. About 22 million … Continue reading

Anatomy of Hatred

THE ANATOMY OF HATRED   Dr Rasheed Hasan Khan                                                             The question of the mosque near the site of the World Trade Centre appears to be the cause of great controversy and debate in America nowadays. The expatriate Muslims on one hand and the right wing political parties in the USA on the other are … Continue reading

Floods In Pakistan—T.Imam

FLOODS IN PAKISTAN: WAS IT UNPREDICTED? A young child wrapped in wet rags is lifted from a mosque’s rooftop in an army helicopter while her mother cries from below, expressing both anguish and relief. This picture taken by Reuters illustrates the turmoil created by the monsoon floods in Pakistan. The recent floods are the worst … Continue reading


Land Reform Editorial– Friday, April 16, 2010 Speakers at a seminar have pointed out that Pakistan’s food crisis will not be resolved until ‘true’ land reforms are introduced and food security is provided to peasants. The truth of this assertion is supported by evidence from countries that have adopted a policy of equitable land distribution. … Continue reading