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Anatomy 0f Al-Qaeda (III)

Arc of Crisis”This is Part III of the three-part series, “The Imperial Anatomy of Al-Qaeda“Part 1: The Imperial Anatomy of Al-Qaeda. The CIA’s Drug-Running Terrorists and the Part 2: Empire, Energy and Al-Qaeda: The Anglo-American Terror Network   Anticipating An Attack For several years prior to the events of 9/11, top American strategists had been … Continue reading

Anatomy of AL-Qaeda (II)

This is Part 2 of the series, “The Imperial Anatomy of Al-Qaeda.“ The End of the Cold War and Strategy for the New World Order With the end of the Cold War a new strategy had to be determined to manage the global system. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, declarations of a “New … Continue reading


Challenging Islamophobia: An Assessment of the “Ground Zero Mosque” Debate  by   Deepa Kumar  Depending on the poll one consults, anywhere from 54 percent to 61 percent, and as many as 68 percent of Americans, oppose the building of an Islamic community center two blocks from “Ground Zero,” the site of the World Trade Center. Polls, … Continue reading


Editorial The disaster caused by the floods in Pakistan, is of Biblical proportions. According to a preliminary report prepared by the Federal Flood Commission, floods have affected an area of 130,000 kilometers, damaged one million houses, rendered 14 million people homeless and affected 4.4 million acres of cropped area. “About 2.6 million acres of cultivated … Continue reading

Anatomy of Al-Qaeda

The Imperial Anatomy of Al-Qaeda. The CIA’s Drug-Running Terrorists and the “Arc of Crisis” Part I by Andrew Gavin Marshall     As the 9th anniversary of 9/11 nears, and the war on terror continues to be waged and grows in ferocity and geography, it seems all the more imperative to return to the events … Continue reading

Forget the lessons of Iraq

Obama Wants Us To Forget the Lessons of Iraq by Andrew Bacevich The Iraq war? “Now, it is time to turn the page.” So advises the commander-in-chief at least. “[T]he bottom line is this,” President Obama remarked last Saturday, “the war is ending.” Alas, it’s not. Instead, the conflict is simply entering a new phase. … Continue reading

Democracy in Pakistan

DEMOCRACY IN PAKISTAN —PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS Dr.RASHEED HASAN KHAN The problem of a functioning democracy in Pakistan has been a feature of our national life since the birth of Pakistan.Unless the nation correctly analyzes the problem and takes practical measures to resolve it, we will move from coup to coup with interregnums of so called … Continue reading