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EDITORIAL – Target Killing

It is target killing season in Pakistan. Americans are fine tuning their Drone technology by testing it in missile attacks in Pakhtunkhwa. Daily two or more raids are carried out and the casualties number anything between twenty to a hundred. But for the Government, a few weak protests, and it is business as usual. The National Assembly of Pakistan unanimously condemned and demanded the cessation of drone attacks,years ago, but the U.S. disregarded a Resolution of highest political forum of the people of Pakistan This should be an eye opener for those who believe that the U.S. is a champion of Democracy and Human Rights. Further more the U.S. and NATO forces are now blatantly violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Pakistan by launching cross border attacks using helicopter gun-ships. The media reports say that Gen. Petraes the NATO commander in Afghanistan, has assured the Pakistan Government that this will not happen again and in the same breath report fresh attacks. What can anyone make out of this ? The media have announced the Pakistan Government’s decision to close the Northern route to Afghanistan via Khyber Pass in protest. Strangely, the Southern access via Chaman is open. The situation on the ground is that the main theatre of action is Southern Afghanistan and there is no hindrance in the supply line there ! This seems to be an attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of the people of Pakistan.

The second killing field is Karachi, and where the killers are not foreign troops, but our own countrymen.The turmoil and killings in Karachi has a long history, but since the last two years, the situation has worsened and there are killing sprees, some, stretching over weeks or even months. It is the same old story, political groups trying to establish supremacy in Karachi by subduing the opposition with the exhibition of brute force. Needless to say the main political figures are not harmed, it is the man in the street that falls a victim to this barbarism. The ex- chief of Karachi police Waseem Ahmed, in July 2010, called a press conference to protest against what he called inflated figures for the casualties in Karachi, issued by a Human Rights organization. He stated that the correct number of casualties till July was 748 and not 829 as given out by the human rights organization! 748 deaths in six months, what a small figure !!

A commission was constituted to investigate and pinpoint those responsible for the mass murders. It went into oblivion, which is the fate of all commissions throughout our history. Presently, the killings have become a regular feature of life in Karachi, every passing day brings with it the incidence of two or three murders. The people of Karachi live in fear and uncertainty. The moot question is, when will the government deem it necessary to do something to remedy the situation? or is this a convenient ploy to keep the people fearful and focused on their own survival so that they do not engage in a meaningful way in protest against the mind boggling rise in prices, unemployment, corruption and mis-governance?


4 thoughts on “EDITORIAL – Target Killing

  1. Certain quarters firmly believe that U.S. drone attacks have weakened the islamists and have curtailed their activity. I spoke to Pervez Hoodbhoy on the issue and found him quite “gung ho” in his advocacy for the strikes. Do we have an account of independent observers that can give us an estimate about the ground reality? Intuitively it does not seem that US drone attacks are simply to weaken the Islamists forces. Why then would they court them and their handlers in other areas of the world?

    Posted by Tanveer Imam | October 6, 2010, 12:28 pm
    • You must have heard the story of the monkey who bashed the skull of his master in trying to get rid of a bothersome fly !!! Iam sorry to say that some of our enlightened scholars are not only unaware of ground realities, but also ignore vital issues like National Sovreignity, and are duped by the disinformation spread by the US and its agencies.It is an undeniable fact that the casualties due to Drone attacks are mostly innocent villagers on both sides of the border. The myth of destruction of al-qaeda elements in these attacks is nothing more than a justification for these attacks.

      Posted by apnakal | October 6, 2010, 8:48 pm
    • The issue is not only the drone attacks but the areas of North Waziristan been used as a base for Talibaans. This is continuously pushing us in this war, courtesy of our stablishment’s belief that these Talibans are going to be our “asset” in any future dispensation of Afghanistan. Both of these phenomena are synergistic to each other and help to justify each other, but the sufferer are the pakistani people who have to bare the bombartment by American drones and same time suffer in the hands of fundamentalism. Americans and their lackies Talibans both should leave our soil.

      Posted by S. R. Malick | January 22, 2011, 7:47 pm
  2. Pakistan’s army has led Pakistan into extinction. Pakistani state, that enterprise of thievery and oppression is breathing its last. I think analysis that project realistic assessment and suggest measures in times of chaos could be useful. Let us ponder on the chaos and misery that will only deepen and widen in the near future. Local organizations that develop a system of alert, find alternate routes for supplies and assure health and education for their community and neighborhood could be helpful. Expecting state organizations to respond to situation arising in Pakistan seems misplaced to me.

    Posted by Malik Rashid | October 6, 2010, 7:35 pm

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