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 13 November 2010, will be the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Revolutionary Martyr Hasan Nasir .Fifty years have gone by and many more martyrs have followed Hasan Nasir into the annals of history. Some, whose names we all know, others, who number in thousands, lie in their graves, unknown and unsung. When we commemorate the Matrydom of Hasan Nasir, we commemorate the workers, peasants and intellectuals who laid down their lives for the cause of freedom and the creation of a society, free from exploitation of man by man. We also commemorate those millions who suffered a slow death at the hands of poverty, ignorance and disease, to which they had been consigned by a callous and exploitative system.

When we take stock of the situation today, we see that despite the struggle and the sacrifice, the forces of Imperialism and their indigenous allies, the feudal, the compradors, the civil and military bureaucrats still maintain their stranglehold on our society. The diktat from Washington has been supplemented by troops and bases on Pakistan’s soil. The indigenous exploiters, who were previously circumspect about their connections to U.S. Imperialism, are now flaunting their subservience as a mark of power and authority. The policies of successive Governments in all the important fields, such as Agriculture, Industry, Trade, Defense, Health, Education and Foreign Affairs have been more and more influenced by the U.S. and its ancillary organizations, the IMF and World Bank. At the behest of U.S. Imperialism, Pakistan was involved in the ‘War against Terrorism’ which brought a lethal tide of death and destruction to the country. Now the U.S. IS NEGOTIATING WITH THE SAME TERRORISTS to find a way out of the morass of its own making. The effects of this ill advised involvement will be felt by our society for a Decade to come.

Economically bankrupt, politically unstable, teetering on the verge of an abyss, is there any way we can save Pakistan? Yes, provided dedicated patriots know their enemies and their friends, adopt the correct strategy and are ready to wage a relentless struggle. Our objective must be, first and foremost, to liberate the country from the clutches of Imperialism and its indigenous allies. Then only, can the struggle for a just, equitable and egalitarian society be successful in achieving its goal. Let us pay homage to Hasan Nasir and the Martyrs of the Pakistani Masses by rededicating ourselves to the ideals for which they laid down their lives.  



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