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EDITORIAL— Wikileaks and its implications

The publication of U.S. Embassy cables by Wikileaks has made former U.S. ambassador Ann W Patterson the most popular writer after Harold Robbins in Pakistan. The style is very serious and restrained, but the subject matter or the subjects who matter, are, for the sneaky duplicity, juvenile back- biting, and colonial servility,  without parallel. With the commencement of publication on 28 Nov, 2010, there was a stunned silence all over the country, followed by weak protests and still weaker denials from some quarters. Needless to say, no mature person puts a grain of trust in these denials.

The published documents are just the tip of the ice-berg, the total volume of the documents is astounding to say the least.What shattering disclosures are yet to come we cannot say, but one thing is certain, that what was previously deduced by students of political science and journalists from odd bits of facts and circumstantial evidence has been supplanted by hard evidence. Let us consider what the wikileaks has shown us so far —-

(a) The condemnable role of U.S.A. as the arbiter of the destiny of all countries, all over the globe. Meddling in the affairs of weaker nations, dispensing its prescriptions to some and condemning others to death and destruction to maintain its hegemony of the world.

(b) The credibility of local political, military and other personalities and institutions has been smashed in one fell swoop.Their double dealing and basic identity of interests with American Imperialism was not something unknown to the people, but this has provided the chapter and verse.

(c) This is also a wake up call, for governments and ruling classes all over the world. The duplicity and deceitful maneuvering which was labeled as politics for so long, is no longer safe from disclosure. If the Imperialists do not disclose it, there is always the strong possibility of a third party disclosure. Ultimate power of jurisdiction rests with the people and not Imperialism.

(d) We in Pakistan, must not blind ourselves to the Larger Picture, i.e the international scene, which is in the process of great change, instead of getting stuck on issues related to our country alone.

The people of Pakistan must learn to distinguish their friends and their enemies, organize themselves into an organized force which is lead by elements from the people and not the exploiting classes. Then only can we achieve true freedom,democracy and social justice.


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