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A political storm recently swept across North Africa and the Middle East. This part of the world, like most of the third world, has been ruled by corrupt, brutal, authoritarian regimes for decades. In almost all cases these regimes have been installed and maintained in power by the United States of America. Condoleezza Rice the ex-secretary of State of the U.S.A. in a rare statement, once confessed that the U.S. Policy priorities have not always been in favor of democratic movements and regimes but rather the opposite, i.e patronizing and perpetuating Dictatorial Regimes and promised a new set of policies in future, to rectify this mistake. However the dynamics of Imperialism are an objective reality, beyond the pious sentiments of Ms. Rice or anyone else for that matter, so the statement was lost in the plethora of discarded policy papers, to gather dust in the archives of the State Department.

The world was shaken by the speed and intensity of the leaderless insurrections. What began in Tunisia, spread to Egypt Yemen, Bahrain and Libya. Even the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was affected by the domino effect. The long suffering people of these countries, victims of oppressive regimes and suffering from grinding poverty, had risen up. True to its nature, the U.S. adopted a two pronged strategy. On the one hand, its spokespersons came out with sanctimonious sermons about the Democratic Rights of the people and admonished the ruling regimes to abjure violence and on the other they manipulated the ruling classes to discard the discredited personalities from the old ruling clique and clear the way for a Military takeover. Thus the insurrection was defeated and  the media hype about the victory of the so called revolution was made to serve as an anodyne for the people. At the cost of a few decrepit old tyrants, the Status Quo was retained. This was an illusion of change.

The structural matrix of Imperialism is the very anti-thesis of democracy, Human rights, Freedom and the Dignity of Man. We recently became aware of Obama’s invention, the “Humanitarian Imperialism”. This is nothing but a cynical exercise in semantics, that reminds one of George Orwell’s “New Speak” in his book 1984. One of the principle characteristics of Imperialist powers is the tendency to divide the world into spheres of influence among themselves. This object is achieved through economic, political and military means. To achieve this goal the installation of puppet regimes, with the object of furthering Imperialist interests is the favorite tactic. This is carried out through manipulation of internal political forces, coupled with international economic and military pressure. The U.S. Imperialists have a long and ignominious history of installation of puppet regimes through military Coups, internal destabilization, coupled with international sanctions or as a last resort, direct military intervention. Paucity of space does not allow for a comprehensive enumeration of these cases. We will only mention the most recent cases of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, with Iran as a strong possibility. A study of the U.S. Strategy and Tactics in these cases should be enough to educate even the most obtuse student about the real nature of Humanitarian Imperialism. It means military intervention, mass murder and destruction to save the Status Quo— the rule of a handful of pro-imperialist exploiting classes and their oppressive state machinery over millions of exploited and disposed masses.



Apnakal online paper has completed six months of continuous publication. During this period we received 3000 + views. This is a modest success, considering the mind boggling number of online papers and blogs that are available to viewers today. It is also a positive experience in juxtaposition to our earlier experience with the publication of a printed magazine.

Apnakal as everyone knows can mean the yesterday of ours or the tomorrow. With our feet firmly planted in the present, we derive strength from our Heritage of Struggle of Yesterday and prepare for the challenges of Tomorrow. Sterile nostalgia and unproductive ivory tower intellectualism is not our way. We re-call and learn to provide us a guide to action— today and tomorrow.

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  1. Dear Rasheed,
    I concur, with you article and I compliment you on your precise analysis. Please allow me to add that America has lost control over her foreign policy, since 1948. After the world war II, Zoinist have taken total control of America’s economy and foreign policy. Every american presidential candidate can make any promises to the American people – but in White House the ‘dark’ political forces, whom I shall call the permanant government, have different agenda. They will restrict in incumbant President in their narrow self- serving agenda. So democracy is a dillution too!.

    Posted by Dr Abdul Ghafoor Kasi | April 2, 2011, 2:26 am

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