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Jamhooriat, Khud inhisari aur Qaumi Nijat


The events of 2 May, when the U.S. Navy Special Forces helicopters, in clear violation of the Sovereignty of Pakistan raided a compound near Abbotabad and killed four people, including (as they claimed) Osama Bin- Laden, have stunned the people of Pakistan. The government and the Military establishment gave a pathetic exhibition of bumbling confusion at the highest level. For a week after the incident, contradictory statements continued to be issued by those at the helm of the affairs. It took a fortnight for them to find their bearing and to set in motion the process of damage control. But this was easier said than done. The complexity and the enormity of the task require scientific planning and selfless execution. Needless to say, this is a crucial moment in our history. There are people in authority who believe that the complex problems confronting Pakistan today, can be resolved while maintaining the Status Quo, they can only be said to be living in a fool’s paradise. Without altering the oppressive and exploitative system prevailing in Pakistan, there can be no hope of winning in the confrontation with right wing extremism. The people must enjoy their Basic political and economic rights if they are to participate in the struggle to defeat the enemies of democracy and social justice. History has proved, time and again that a government in isolation from the people cannot win, relying on Force and coercion alone.

Recent traumatic events have once again proved us correct. The real anti-people face of U.S. imperialism and the bankruptcy of the ruling classes have been completely exposed. We are certain that despite the grave situation confronting the Nation, rallying the masses and uniting them in the struggle to establish Democracy, achieve Self reliance and National Salvation on the following points will provide the solution to our present problems.

(1)Withdrawal of U.S. Troops from Afghanistan and letting the Afghan People determine their own future. So long as the war in Afghanistan continues, there can be no hope of normalcy in Pakistan, what to talk of development.

 (2)Immediate cessation of Drone attacks and covert activity by U.S. Agencies and Contractors on Pakistani soil.

 (3)Closure of U.S. or NATO bases established on Pakistani soil.

(4)Safeguarding the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of Pakistan.

(5)Achieving Economic Self Reliance and ending the Debt Bondage of Foreign aid.

 (6)Economic Reforms— Expanding the tax net by taxing agricultural income and the Service Sector which is outside the tax net, combating price rise, inflation and falling standard of living of the common man. Comprehensive Planning for the development of Industry and Agriculture. Rationalization of Productive v/s Non Productive expenditure with reduction in non-productive expenditure.

      (7)Independent Foreign policy.

       (8) Guarantee of Fundamental Human Rights with special emphasis on the Rights of women, religious minorities and working people.

      (9)Restructuring of Health and Education Systems and raising their allocated share in G.D.P.

      (10)The rights of all nationalities to be guaranteed.

(11)An end to corruption, nepotism, waste and lawlessness



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