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NSF — Calling

NSF – Calling Students are not indulging in flattery when they claim to be the pulse of the nation. It is a fact borne out by historical experience. When certain sections of people whose opinion enjoys the weight of authority, refuses to recognize this fact, there is no greater tragedy than that. What is the … Continue reading

Interview : Dr. Rasheed Hasan Khan —- Zameer Sheikh.

Dr.Rasheed Hasan Khan, was born in Hyderabad(India) and migrated to Pakistan. He completed his Secondary education in Karachi and Graduated from the Dow Medical College (now Dow University of Health Sciences).After graduation, he established welfare based clinics in the working class areas of Karachi. He was actively involved in the progressive movement, specially the National … Continue reading

Can Someone Who is ….

American Rage Over Punishment of Pakistani Doctor Reveals Much

  Published on Saturday, May 26, 2012 by Salon.com American Rage Over Punishment of Pakistani Doctor Reveals Much by Glenn Greenwald Americans of all types — Democrats and Republicans, even some Good Progressives — are just livid that a Pakistani tribal court (reportedly in consultation with Pakistani officials) has imposed a 33-year prison sentence on … Continue reading

Bloodletting in Karachi — The Hidden Hand.

Why NATO is Bad for the World

Published on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 by The Progressive Why NATO is Bad for the World by Vijay Prashad The upcoming NATO summit in Chicago will see a lot of protests, as it should. Once constrained to the defense of Europe, NATO has now put itself forward as the world’s policeman. It has fought wars … Continue reading

U.S. Officers taught “Islam is the Enemy”

US military course taught officers ‘Islam is the enemy’ Pentagon suspends course after study materials posted online suggested that Mecca and Medina may have to be obliterated   Associated Press in Washington guardian.co.uk,             Friday 11 May 2012 08.28 BST General Martin Dempsey speaks during a briefing at the Pentagon. The course was suspended when … Continue reading

Pakistan paralysed by US rift

Afghan end game sees Pakistan ‘paralysed’ by US rift Nato operations near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border have added to tensions between Washington and Islamabad Related Stories 2011: New low for US-Pakistan relations Haqqanis: Growth of a militant network Pakistan ‘backs Afghan Taliban’ Since US forces killed Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan a year ago, relations between … Continue reading

Editorial : The Bigger Picture

Editorial: The Bigger Picture Rasheed Hasan Khan Pakistan today is again in the grip of a crisis which embraces all aspects of national life and the resulting turmoil has put a question mark on its very viability as a nation. The economic crisis owes its gravity to the crisis in the energy sector as much … Continue reading

The Electricity Crisis

Electricity crisis and the circular debt By Amjad Agha Signals for looming electricity crisis are visible for the last several years, but no steps have so far been taken to rectify the situation. The main cause of the crisis is the extremely high cost of generation primarily due to faulty fuel mix being used to … Continue reading