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A Nostalgia Trip ?

A Nostalgia Trip?

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A Nostalgia Trip?

Observing the norms of productive discussion is a necessary factor if any discussion is to be productive. Otherwise it will be nothing more than an exchange of gossip, hearsay, and mudslinging. General confusion will be the result rather than creating an objective assessment of our past history. I will seek your indulgence to make some observations regarding the flaws in the conduct of the discussion and certain false premises about History and the role of Individuals in History adopted by some of our friends.

(1)  Are we trying to compile an objective account of the history of NSF or are we just on a nostalgia trip?

Why am I compelled to ask this question? Because if objectivity is the goal, then the role of NSF must be judged not by aspersions cast by opportunists, renegades and liars but by the official policy pronouncements of the Central Executive Committee of NSF and the reality of the concrete practice of NSF during the last four decades.

(2)  Does a person’s present and past represent one organic whole or can one choose to see what we best like? Any sane person knows the answer. The present is a continuity of the past and is the factual determinant of a person’s status in the real world. Who ever heard of praises being showered on a robber and thief because he was once a very efficient Policeman? Those inclined to think in this fashion are either afflicted by a brain disorder or a terminal attack of opportunism. Are we to praise those who turned into minions of the exploiting classes, selling their past struggles for a few paltry gains? If we do so we will dishonor martyrs like Hasan Nasir, and thousands of other unsung and unnamed heroes who died an early death due to privations, hardships and rigors of the revolutionary struggle. More than anything else we will be betraying ourselves and our undertaking of compiling a history of NSF.

(3)  We are fully aware of the shameful role played by renegades such as Raja Azher, Tariq Fateh etc and avoided exposing them on NSF REVISITED so as NOT TO BE SIDE TRACKED FROM THE REAL ISSUE. But the limit has been reached.

(4)  Tariq Fateh is a great ex-patriate Philosopher and Pundit who got out of prison by giving an’ Under taking for Good Behavior’ to Yahya’s military administration after only a brief stint in prison. That such opportunists of weak moral fiber dare to preach to the generation of today about political struggle is the tragedy of our time.HE IS A HOLLOW GUT FILLED WITH PIOUS HOPES AND OPPORTUNISM. Bhej Zardari…..

(5)  Raja Azher is a chameleon of many colors. He was in Govt. College Nazimabad  in NSF (Kazmi) when it became extinct, he joined NSF. I found his political diatribe on NSF REVISITED  most entertaining. Let me just mention that the whole thing is a lie… The facts are that police started looking for him when Salamullah Tipu killed Aslam from Jamiat e tulaba and hijacked a PIA plane to Kabul because Mr.Raja used to have tea and gossip with him whenever Tipu came to the University. It was nothing serious and would have blown over as the fog cleared; all he had to do was sit tight for a few days. But Raja came huffing and puffing and our friends naturally gave him shelter. But he found the conditions of his refuge unbearable. Too many mosquitoes, unpleasant odors and the like, in the tradition of Nawaz Sharif. He even made contact with the police Investigating Officer assigned to his case, thereby endangering the people providing him shelter. When responsible people of NSF Karachi came to know this, disciplinary action was taken against him. Rather than admitting his mistake he started a vilification campaign. He went to Europe and while there he was supported by PPP. Now after thirty years he thinks everyone has forgotten his misdeeds and strikes a political posture. What other comic acts does he have in his repertoire?

(6)  By providing a platform to such charlatans and liars what are we trying to achieve? We must seriously think about this and change our policy on the admission of people to the page NSF REVISTED. However, if a nostalgia trip is our objective then there is no problem. If that is the case, I can name some famous names that should not be white washed out. Nafis Siddiqi (ppp), Raja Anwer(ppp),Fauzia Wahab (ppp), Pervez Rashid(Muslim League -N), Jahangir Badar(ppp), Nisar Memon(pml-Q), Munnawar Hasan(Jamaat e Islami), Liaqat Baloch(Jamaat e Islami) and many others I do not recall right now who should also Join the discussion.



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