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Controlling a Demonstration — The American Way.

51 years After the Chemical War Began In Vietnam…..

  Published on Thursday, August 9, 2012 by Common Dreams 51 Years After the Chemical War Began in Vietnam, Be Silent, Then Take Action by Marjorie Cohn and Jeanne Mirer There are images from the U.S. War against Vietnam that have been indelibly imprinted on the minds of Americans who lived through it. One is … Continue reading

Blackwater to pay $7.5 Million Fine

Published on Wednesday, August 8, 2012 by Common Dreams Notorious Firm Blackwater to Pay $7.5 Million Fine While Dodging Prosecution – Common Dreams staff The notorious private military contracting firm formerly known as Blackwater has agreed to pay a fine of $7.5 million that allows it to avoid prosecution for 17 charges including arms smuggling, … Continue reading

Editorial: Making the Unproblematic Problematic

Editorial: Making the Unproblematic Problematic: Government machinations and the Doctor’s Struggle Rasheed Hasan Khan After an uneasy calm of about a month, the doctors in Lahore are stirring once again. More than a year has gone by but the government has chosen to ignore the issue of framing a Career Structure for Doctors. This is … Continue reading

Africa’s Deadly Spy Infestation

Africa’s Deadly Spy Infestation Landing strips to service a fleet of intelligence-gathering aircraft by Mark P. Fancher The expanding U.S. spy infrastructure in Africa, including a network of landing strips to service a fleet of intelligence-gathering aircraft, is inherently hostile to African self-dermination. That’s because “those who dictate U.S. intelligence policy make decisions on the … Continue reading

The Great Inequality

The Great Inequality Michael D. Yates Michael D. Yates (mikedjyates [at] msn.com) is associate editor of Monthly Review and editorial director of Monthly Review Press. He is the author of Why Unions Matter and Cheap Motels and a Hot Plate, and the editor of Wisconsin Uprising: Labor Fights Back, all published by Monthly Review Press. … Continue reading

Spying on Americans through Cell Phone Carriers

Spying on Americans through Cellphone Carriers NSA Saying: ‘If We Tell You, We’ll Have to Kill You’   by Tom Burghardt   What most Americans are blissfully unaware of is the fact that they carry in their pockets what have been described as near-perfect spy devices: their cellphones.     When Congress passed the FISA … Continue reading

Of Representative Rule

Of representative rule From the Newspaper | I.A Rehman THE prime minister has proclaimed during a conversation with his law minister that as the state has to be managed by the representatives of the people, its executive authority flows from him. That the prime minister’s authority is not absolute even the law minister will concede. … Continue reading

The Batman Massacre

The Batman Massacre: A Response by Michael Nagler I want to make an offer to my fellow Americans who are, like myself, reeling from the worst “random” shooting the country has ever seen. My question: Have you had enough? Because if you have, I can tell you how to stop this kind of madness. I … Continue reading

Extending Poverty Peacefully

Extending poverty peacefully Bharat Jhunjhunwala says the belief that microfinance helps rural poor is a misnomer THE GOVERNMENT is making efforts to improve access to microfinance by the poor though self-help groups of women. This is thought to provide financial independence to women and also improve the economic condition of their families. Mohammad Yunus of … Continue reading