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Cairo Bombshell

Published on Saturday, November 24, 2012 by EricMargolis.com Cairo Bombshell by Eric Margolis A year ago, I was mixing with demonstrators in Cairo’s Tahrir Square calling for an end to Mubarak’s dictatorship and democracy for Egypt’s 84 million people.Mohamed Morsi (Photo: Al-Jazeera) Being a natural-born firebrand, I find most revolutions intoxicating – if almost inevitably … Continue reading

Broadwell Defended Petraeus’s Village Destruction Policy

Broadwell Defended Petraeus’ Village Destruction Policy by Gareth Porter Paula Broadwell, whose affair with Gen. David Petraeus brought his career to a sudden end last week, had sought to help defend his decision in 2010 to allow village destruction in Afghanistan that not only violated his own previous guidance but the international laws of war. … Continue reading

Editorial: Reaping the Whirlwind

Editorial: Reaping the Whirlwind Dr.Rasheed Hasan Khan Three school going teen age girls came under murderous attack by religious extremists in Mingora, Swat on 9 October 2012. The girls,Shazia,Kainat and Malala,  ages between 14-15 years  were wounded in the school bus. The attackers are said to have enquired about Malala by name before they opened … Continue reading

Sandy Forces Climate Change on US Election

Published on Wednesday, October 31, 2012 by The Guardian/UK Sandy Forces Climate Change on US Election Despite Fossil Fuel Lobby Such is Big Energy’s hold on DC, neither Obama nor Romney talk about climate change. But Americans are joining the dots by Bill McKibben Here’s a sentence I wish I hadn’t written – it rolled … Continue reading

Middle East War Could Erupt After US Elections

Middle East War Could Erupt Right After U.S. Presidential Election by Vladimir Sazhin While Israel’s right-wing politicians consolidate, the military makes no effort to conceal its active preparations for combat. Military exercise follows military exercise. Some experts even concede that the al-Hartum factory strike, widely attributed in the press to Israel, could have been a … Continue reading

Collapse as a Crucible

tony wood COLLAPSE AS CRUCIBLE The Reforging of Russian Society The winter of 2011–12 produced a paradoxical combination of the inevitable and the unexpected in Russia. [1] The return of Vladimir Putin to the presidency was never in doubt; his crushing margin of victory in the March 2012 elections—officially, he scored 64 per cent, almost … Continue reading

This Isn’t What Democracy Looks Like

This Isn’t What Democracy Looks Like Robert W. McChesney Robert W. McChesney is Gutgsell Endowed Professor of Communications at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and author of The Political Economy of Media (Monthly Review Press, 2008) and, with John Nichols, The Death and Life of American Journalism (Nation Books, 2010). This article draws some … Continue reading

On Eric Hobsbawm’s Passing

On Eric Hobsbawm’s Passing by Luis Suarez-Villa   Eric Hobsbawm (1917-2012), regarded by many as the top 20th century British historian, passed away October 1st, at the age of 95.  Hobsbawm joined the British Communist Party in 1936, the year he entered Cambridge University, and remained a life-long member.  In a life dedicated to historical … Continue reading

Collectivized Torture: Drone Warfare and the Dark Side of Counterinsurgency

Collectivized Torture”: Drone Warfare and the Dark Side of Counterinsurgency by Jacob Levich   The recent Stanford University report on drone strikes in Pakistan, Living Under Drones, raises the possibility that the US is intentionally using drones, not merely as hi-tech assassination devices, but also as weapons of state terror intended to subdue unruly regions … Continue reading

Alliance from Hell:Washington’s Pakistan Meltdown

Alliance from Hell: Washington’s Pakistan Meltdown How the US and Pakistan Became the Dysfunctional Nuclear Family of International Relations by Dilip Hiro   The United States and Pakistan are by now a classic example of a dysfunctional nuclear family (with an emphasis on “nuclear”). While the two governments and their peoples become more suspicious and … Continue reading