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The Generals are Back

In Robert Ludlum’s The Aquitaine Progression, the story begins with protagonist Joel Converse meeting a man he has not seen in 20 years, dying violently at his feet whispering his final words “The generals…they are back”. These dying words seem to be a fitting tagline to the tumultuous events that have dominated the most populous … Continue reading

Editorial: July 2013

  Editorial: July 2013 The Captive Taxpayer Dr. Rasheed Hasan Khan The Federal Budget 2013-14 has been announced. Drafted miraculously in six days by the financial genius, Mr. Ishaq Dar, it has all the hallmarks of a standard I.M.F. prescription budget ,such as increase in the tariff of public utilities, cut in the subsidies and … Continue reading

Who are the Muslim Brotherhood?

  Who are the Muslim Brotherhood? The Arab Spring gave the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliates the chance to play vital roles in the Egyptian, Tunisian and Libyan revolutions. But now the organisation has itself become the target of violent protests. So, who are these men and how did they get where they are?  Patrick … Continue reading

The Elephant in the Room: Militarism

  Published on Tuesday, April 9, 2013 by Common Dreams The Elephant in the Room: Militarism by Jeff Cohen I spent years as a political pundit on mainstream TV – at CNN, Fox News and MSNBC. I was outnumbered, outshouted, red-baited and finally terminated. Inside mainstream media, I saw that major issues were not only … Continue reading

Marginal Utility

  Marginal utility I A Rehman   The emergence of regional parties in Pakistan was inherent in the scheme of constitutional development pursued in South Asia. The process has been facilitated by Pakistan’s failure to develop an integrated national identity. While regional parties can influence, and occasionally determine, politics in their territorial domains, demographic realities … Continue reading

Of Human Bondage

  Of human bondage Mohammad Hussain Khan | 28/4/13 According to the Bonded Labour System (Abolition) Act, 1992 the definition of bonded labour is “a labourer who incurs, or has, or is presumed to have incurred, a bonded debt” under the bonded labour system, which means “the system of forced, or partly forced labour under … Continue reading

Powder Keg in the Pacific

  Powder Keg in the Pacific Will China-Japan-U.S. Tensions in the Pacific Ignite a Conflict and Sink the Global Economy? by Michael T. Klare Don’t look now, but conditions are deteriorating in the western Pacific.  Things are turning ugly, with consequences that could prove deadly and spell catastrophe for the global economy.Chinese marine surveillance ship … Continue reading

Fighting Terrorism: Do ‘Deradicalization’ Camps Really Work?

  Fighting terrorism: Do ‘deradicalisation’ camps really work?   Thousands of militants around the world are enrolled in deradicalisation schemes designed to lead them away from extremism. But doubts are growing about how effective they are  Jason Burke The Guardian,  9 June 2013 Shabhaz Ahmed has a story to tell. It is an old story, … Continue reading

Why the U.S. Government Wants your Metadata

  Published on Friday, June 7, 2013 by Reuters Why the U.S. Government Wants Your Metadata by Ben Wizner and Jay Stanley      In the wake of The Guardian’s remarkable revelation Wednesday that the National Security Agency is collecting phone records from millions of Americans, defenders of this dragnet surveillance program are insisting that the intelligence … Continue reading

The Bastar Land Grab : Expropriation of Farmers in India

  The Bastar Land Grab: The Expropriation of Farmers in India An Interview with Sudha Bharadwaj By Justin Podur Global Research, April 22, 2013 Sudha Bharadwaj is a lawyer and a member of the People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) and the Chhattisgarh Mukti Morcha (Mazdoor Karkyakarta Committee). CMM was founded in 1982 by legendary … Continue reading