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Obama and Mandela

Obama and Mandela By Bill Van Auken Global Research, December 11, 2013 The speech delivered Tuesday by Barack Obama at the memorial to former African National Congress leader and South African President Nelson Mandela has been widely billed as the high point in proceedings that were noteworthy for their empty rhetoric and restive audience. The … Continue reading

Mandela: A Leader above all Others

Mandela: a leader above all others His character, and a life that kept him off stage for a long period, produced an almost unique mixture of wisdom and innocence Editorial The Guardian, Thursday 5 December 2013. When Helen Suzman went to see Nelson Mandela on Robben Island in 1967, the first prisoner she encountered was … Continue reading

Editorial: December 2013

Editorial: December 2013 The Winds of Change Dr. Rasheed Hasan Khan The Cold War between Iran and USA which had been raging for the last thirty five years seems to be reaching a thaw. Winds of change are sweeping the region, portents of new alignments and new events to come.The USA and its allies had … Continue reading

Israel’s new Focus on Iran Nuclear Deal

Israel’s new focus on the Iran nuclear deal Michael Herzog The Guardian, Sunday 1 December 2013 The interim nuclear agreement with Iran, touted by its proponents as a “historic deal”, has been described as a “historic mistake” by Israel’s prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu. How will Israel react in the months ahead? The answer is to … Continue reading

Rebuilding the US Labor Movement

Rebuilding the U.S. Labor movement Monthly Review (December 2013) The AFL-CIO held its annual convention this past September in Los Angeles. Many commentators hailed this meeting as historic, one in which the nation’s major labor federation finally came to grips with the near disappearance and growing political irrelevance of unions. Union density is abysmally low … Continue reading

Voices from Drone Summit

Voices From the Drone Summit by Marjorie Cohn Last weekend, I participated in a panel on the illegality of drones and targeted killing off the battlefield at the conference “Drones Around the Globe: Proliferation and Resistance” in Washington DC. Nearly 400 people from many countries came together to gather information, protest, and develop strategies to … Continue reading

Obama’s Ludicrous Declarations

Obama’s Ludicrous Afghanistan Declarations – Killer Teams Redefined as “Advisors” By Glen Ford Global Research, November 28, 2013 President Obama thinks he can make war appear to be peace with a wave of “his semantic magic wand.” U.S. troops in Afghanistan, including elite killer teams, are to be redefined as mere “advisors” to Afghan forces … Continue reading

Afghanistan: The Occupation,Part II

Published on Saturday, November 23, 2013 by The Nation Afghanistan: The Occupation, Part II by Bob Dreyfuss Meet the new occupation: same as the old occupation! Or pretty much: not as many troops, not as many dead and wounded every week, but still. In the new US-Afghanistan accord—which may or may not be ratified early … Continue reading

Can a Talib Change his Spots

Can A Talib Change His Spots? Revati Laul 2013-11-23 , Issue 47 Volume 10 It nearly didn’t happen. Abdul Salam Zaeef, founder member of the Taliban, ambassador of the Taliban regime to Pakistan and prisoner in Guantanamo Bay for six years, nearly didn’t make it to THiNK. In the end, the Indian government relented, reasoning … Continue reading

The Great Divide

The great divide Huzaima Bukhari & Dr. Ikramul Haq The rich-poor divide has been increasing at an alarming rate in Pakistan as evident from a number of informative — though highly disturbing — studies conducted by the World Bank and the Centre for Research on Poverty and Income Distribution (CRPID). According to latest figures compiled … Continue reading