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Editorial: February 2014

Editorial: February 2014 Culture in the time of Political and Economic Chaos Dr.Rasheed Hasan Khan On the first of February 2014 Bilawal Zardari launched “Sind Cultural Festival” from the historic site of Mohenjodaro near Larkana. According to the Daily Dawn – ” The festival aims to publicize the cultural heritage of the country’s south. But … Continue reading

Rethink Privitisation

DAWN — February 1, 2014 Rethink privatisation S. Akbar Zaidi There is an urgent need for the government to rethink its steam-rolling project of privatisation. The premise on which arguments for privatising state-owned enterprises are being made, by the government and even by many economists, are deeply flawed and are not based on substantive evidence … Continue reading

The Two Faces of the Empire

Published on Monday, January 27, 2014 by TomDispatch.com The Two Faces of Empire Melville Knew Them, We Still Live With Them by Greg Grandin A captain ready to drive himself and all around him to ruin in the hunt for a white whale. It’s a well-known story, and over the years, mad Ahab in Herman … Continue reading

With Iran Accord, US shifts Tactics,not Predatory Aims

With Iran Accord, US Shifts Tactics, Not Predatory Aims By Keith Jones Global Research, January 16, 2014 On January 20, a six-month agreement rolling back Iran’s civilian nuclear program will come into force. US President Barack Obama claims that Washington has joined with its European allies, Russia and China to negotiate this interim agreement because … Continue reading

The Battle for Dacca’s Soul

The Battle for Dhaka’s Soul Kabir Taneja January 17, 2014 In Bangladesh, politics has been on the boil for months. In August last year, the high court in Dhaka banned the country’s largest Islamist party, the Jamaat-e-Islami. The court declared the party as “anti-secular”, and against the Constitution of the country. This aggravated the already … Continue reading

Return of Al- Qaeda

Published on Saturday, January 11, 2014 Return of Al-Qaida by Eric Margolis How did al-Qaida, a tiny anti-Communist group in Afghanistan that had no more than 200 active members in 2001 become a supposed worldwide threat?Civilians leave their home after clashes in Fallujah, Sunday, Jan. 5, 2014. Lt. Gen. (AP Photo) How can al-Qaida be … Continue reading

27 Shocking Numbers

Published on Tuesday, January 28, 2014 by Rolling Stone 27 Shocking Numbers That Reveal the True State of the Union Scary statistics on unemployment, inequality, climate change and more by Tim Dickinson In tonight’s State of the Union speech, we’re likely to hear a lot about the nation’s continuing recovery from the Great Recession, and … Continue reading

India has become a Dystopia of Extremes

India has become a dystopia of extremes. But resistance is rising Neoliberalism has failed the vast majority of India’s people. But the spirit that gave the nation independence is stirring John Pilger The Guardian, Friday 3 January 2014 In five-star hotels on Mumbai’s seafront, children of the rich squeal joyfully as they play hide and … Continue reading

America’s undeclared War on Pakistan

America’s Undeclared War on Pakistan: Leaked Secret Document Records 330 Drone Strikes By Alice K Ross Global Research, January 30, 2014 The Bureau is today publishing a leaked official document that records details of over 300 drone strikes, including their locations and an assessment of how many people died in each incident. The document is … Continue reading