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Editorial : April 2014

Editorial: April 2014 Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth? Dr.Rasheed Hasan Khan Good manners prohibit too minute an examination of a gift from a friend. But Pakistan’s long history of receiving dubious gifts from its ‘close’ friends and ‘allies’ makes it necessary to discard the rules dictated by good manners. Let us take a … Continue reading

No Policy Clarity

No policy clarity Munir Akram Published 2014-03-30 AT present, the pervasive characteristic of Pakistan’s security policies — regarding the TTP, Afghanistan and India — is reactive incoherence. TTP: Despite the TTP’s escalated violence, the government has persisted in its preference for ‘talks’. The objectives sought to be achieved are unclear. Obviously, the government cannot accommodate … Continue reading

Stagflation: a Historical Review

Stagflation: a Historical Review DAWN ebr 10/3/2014 Stagflation refers to a combination of two major undesirable economic conditions: the economy slowing down (stagnation), coupled with prices climbing up sharply (inflation). According to the chart, FY1981 to FY1988 witnessed high economic growth with low inflation. Between FY1989 to FY2000, there was moderate growth with high-to-moderate inflation. … Continue reading

Omens of a Maelstorm

Omens of a maelstrom? I.A. Rehman Published 2014-03-20 ,DAWN THREE apparently unrelated developments point to a groundswell that could ultimately unhinge Pakistan from its democratic moorings. The three happenings are: the Taliban lobby’s campaign to frighten the government into yielding to the extremists, the Saudi gift of a sackful of dollars, and Maulana Shirani’s design … Continue reading

Playing With Fire

Playing with fire Moazzam Husain DAWN— 2014-04-03 TO diagnose Saudi Arabia’s fear instincts, one would have to travel back to 1979. That year saw the Iranian revolution, and Ayatollah Khomeini’s subsequent talk of ‘exporting’ the revolution which has left Saudi Arabia with an exaggerated fear of Shia expansionism. That same year, hundreds of armed extremists … Continue reading

Revolutionary Legacy of Bhagat Singh

The Revolutionary Legacy of Bhagat Singh: An Interview with Chaman Lal by Bernard D’Mello Chaman Lal retired as professor of Hindi translation from the Centre of Indian Languages, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, and is now associated with the Centre for Comparative Literature as Professor-Coordinator at the Central University of Punjab, Bathinda. His most recent … Continue reading

Lessons from Tharparkar

Lessons from Tharparkar I.A. Rehman Published 2014-03-13 .DAWN THE invasion of Tharparkar district by rich donors and relief convoys should not divert attention from the need for long-term answers to the grave problems faced, seasonally or permanently, by the people in the region. The outrage that has been displayed at images of children in the … Continue reading

Terrorism claimed 6,000 Lives in 2013

Terrorism claimed 6000 lives in 2013: Karachi proved most violent Mohammad Nafees Thursday, 27 February 2014 The incidents of terrorism continued unabated in Pakistan in the year 2013. As there was not let up in militant, sectarian, terrorist and politically-motivated attacks across the country, nearly 6,000 people lost their lives making 2013 one of the … Continue reading

War Fever in the Air

Published on Saturday, March 29, 2014 War Fever in the Air by Eric Margolis War fever is in the air. Fifty thousand Russian troops and armor are massed on Ukraine’s eastern border. Europe and Washington worry that the reborn Red Army may sweep west across Ukraine, Moldova, the Baltics – even into Poland.US President Barack … Continue reading

The Hunt for the last Che Guevara of the East

The hunt for the last Che Guevara of the East Deo Kumar Singh aka Arvindji is the most wanted man in east India. Ushinor Majumdar profiles the elusive Maoist leader Ushinor Majumdar 2014-01-18 , Issue 3 Volume 11 The road undulates through a jungle near the picturesque Netarhat town in Latehar district of Jharkhand. The … Continue reading