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Editorial: January 2015

A Sad Day IN the end, our political leadership proved unable to defend the constitutional and democratic roots of the system or resist the generals’ demands. Pakistan is to have military courts once again. To establish them the politicians have agreed to distort the principle of separation of powers, smash the edifice of rights upon … Continue reading

Year of the Dharna

Year of the dharna I.A. Rehman Published-1/1/2015 ALTHOUGH confabulations on security threatened to steal the limelight in its final days, 2014 is likely to be remembered as the year of the dharna. Derived from the subcontinent’s tradition of resistance, the dharna as a form of protest has long been known in Pakistan. It was used … Continue reading

Grisly Peshawar Slaughter– Who Created Taliban,Who Still Funds them?

Grisly Peshawar Slaughter – Who Created Taliban, Who Still Funds Them? By Tony Cartalucci Global Research, December 17, 2014 Taliban militants stormed an army public school in the northern city of Peshawar, killing over 100, including many young students. It is believed up to 10 militants took part in the attack, dressed as soldiers to … Continue reading

Why the US-Cuba Deal Really is a Victory for the Cuban Revolution

Why the US-Cuba Deal Really Is a Victory for the Cuban Revolution Thursday December 18, 2014 by Tom Hayden Fidel Castro and his revolutionary army arriving in the city of Santa Clara, Cuba in 1959. (Photo: Archive/flickr/cc) No one in the mainstream media will acknowledge it, but the normalization of American relations with Havana, symbolized … Continue reading

Caste Rules the Roost Across South Asia

Caste Rules The Roost Across South Asia Nidheesh J Villatt 2014-12-13 , Two years ago, a young man went to a roadside restaurant in Gaibandha district of north Bangladesh and asked for a cup of tea. The owner refused to serve him. The reason was that the young man, Nirmal Chandra Das, was a Dalit. … Continue reading

Doubling Down on Dictatorship in the Middle East

Doubling Down on Dictatorship in the Middle East Published on Tuesday, December 30, 2014 by OtherWords by Amanda Ufheil-Somers U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry leans in to listen to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on October 13, 2014, at the start of a bilateral meeting in the Presidential Palace in Cairo, Egypt. (Photo: State … Continue reading

How Amerikkka killed the black middle class

How AmeriKKKa killed the black middle class The US works tirelessly to strip African-Americans of wealth, jobs and property Rakesh Krishnan Simha Rage against the machine Protesters attack a police car after a grand jury chose not to press charges against a white officer who killed a black teen in Ferguson, Photo: AFP Once upon … Continue reading

Torture- an Executive Summary

Torture: An Executive Summary By Washington’s Blog Global Research, December 09, 2014 Washington’s Blog USA9/11 & ‘War on Terrorism’Crimes against HumanityLaw and Justice What You Need to Know .. There’s a media storm regarding the Senate torture report … appropriately. But much of the report was redacted by the CIA and White House. Here’s what … Continue reading

Imperialism and the Politics of Torture

Imperialism and the Politics of Torture: Towards a Global Secret Police Force By Prof. James Petras Global Research, December 2014 The US Senate Report documenting CIA torture of alleged terrorist suspects raises a number of fundamental questions about the nature and operations of the State, the relationship and the responsibility of the Executive Branch and … Continue reading

Endless War and the Victory of Perception Management

Endless War and the Victory of ‘Perception Management’ Published on Tuesday, December 30, 2014 by Consortium News In the 1980s, the Reagan administration pioneered “perception management” to get the American people to “kick the Vietnam Syndrome” and accept more U.S. interventionism, but that propaganda structure continues to this day getting the public to buy into … Continue reading