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Editorial: July 2015

Editorial : July 2015 The Heat Wave Dr.Rasheed Hasan Khan Sind in general and Karachi in particular has been a victim of neglect and mismanagement of public utilities and services during the last few decades. Water supply is subject to unexplained breakdowns and interruptions, some times for days on end. Electrical power is an on … Continue reading

Eyeless in Pakistan

Eyeless in Pakistan I.A.Rehman WHILE millions of Pakistanis continue to indulge in their love of the sensational by following juicy stories of corruption in their country, as narrated by well-known representatives of the international media, the indigenous tribes of investigators, in state services as well as in the media, are in danger of earning the … Continue reading

The Idea of India

The Idea of India by Saroj Giri When the ‘fascist’ Narendra Modi was coming close to becoming India’s Prime Minister, intellectuals told us that he would be a threat to the very idea of an inclusive and democratic India. Amartya Sen declared that he cannot be part of an India which has Modi as its … Continue reading

The Greek Debt

Greek Debt, Austerity and Past Military Contracts By Sara Flounders Global Research, February 13, 2015 Since the 2008 capitalist downturn sparked the debt crisis, Greek working people have held huge demonstrations, general strikes and now have voted in the Syriza government to oppose the brutal austerity program imposed by U.S. and European, especially German, banks. … Continue reading

Yemen is Starving

Yemen Is Starving, and We’re Partly to Blame Published on Wednesday, July 01, 2015 by Chris Toensing Twenty million people in Yemen, the poorest country in the Arab world, are at risk of dying from hunger or thirst. That’s 80 percent of the country’s population, which according to UN agencies badly needs emergency supplies of … Continue reading

Superpower Conundrum

Published on Thursday, July 02, 2015 by TomDispatch The Superpower Conundrum: The Rise and Fall of Just About Everything by Tom Engelhardt The rise and fall of great powers and their imperial domains has been a central fact of history for centuries. It’s been a sensible, repeatedly validated framework for thinking about the fate of … Continue reading

The Social Roots of Racism in America

The Social Roots of Racism in America By Andre Damon Global Research, June 23, 2015 On Monday, President Barack Obama used a podcast interview to argue that racism is in “the DNA” of Americans. In the course of his discussion with comedian Marc Maron, Obama declared, “The legacy of slavery, Jim Crow, discrimination in almost … Continue reading

Misconceptions about neo-liberalism

Misconceptions about Neo-Liberalism by Prabhat Patnaik Neo-Liberalism is often seen only as an economic policy. This per se might not matter, since a specific set of economic measures do, no doubt, fall under the rubric of neo-liberalism. But by reducing neo-liberalism only to a set of economic measures, a misleading impression is often conveyed that … Continue reading

Post 9/11–Torture at CIA Black sites

Post-9/11 Torture at CIA “Black Sites” — Physicians and Lawyers Working Together George J. Annas, J.D., M.P.H., and Sondra S. Crosby, M.D. N Engl J Med icine June 11, 2015ArticleReferencesIn December 2014, the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on torture was released to the public. The 600-page report (a redacted summary of the still-classified 6000-page … Continue reading

The Truth about Diego Gracia

The Truth About Diego Garcia: 50 Years of Fiction About an American Military Base By David Vine Global Research, June 15, 2015 TomDispatch 14 June 2015 The U.S. military facility on the island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean represents a horrific example of the human costs of war and imperialism. First, they tried … Continue reading