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Editorial: August 2015

Editorial : August 2015 Dispossessing the Dispossessed Dr.Rasheed Hasan Khan A katchi abadi in sector I-11,Islamabad, that was home to more than ten thousand people, was razed to the ground a few days back. The residents were given just three days’ notice to vacate and no compensation and relocation plans were announced by the administration, … Continue reading

Outrage Spreads after Palestinian Infant killed in Arson Attack

Outrage Spreads After Palestinian Infant Killed in Arson Attack in Occupied West Bank Published on Friday, July 31, 2015 by Common Dreams Killing of 18-month-old boy and injuries to his family called ‘consequence of a culture of hate funded and incentivized by the Israeli government’ and tolerated by international community by Jon Queally, staff writer … Continue reading

A Game Changing Deal

A game-changing deal I.A. Rehman WHILE the agreement between P5+1 and Iran over the latter’s nuclear programme has rightly been hailed as the beginning of a new phase in international relations, its implications for Middle Eastern politics are truly momentous and hence of special interest to Pakistan. After making up with China many years ago … Continue reading

Our Pied Piper

Our Pied Piper Irfan Husain IN the legend, the Pied Piper led the children of Hamelin away to their doom by playing a tune on his magic flute. Imran Khan, our own version of the medieval Piper, has not only misled a large proportion of Pakistan’s urban youth, but also a sizeable section of those … Continue reading

Yes Racism is Rooted in Economic Inequality

Yes, Racism Is Rooted in Economic Inequality Published on Thursday, July 30, 2015 by Jacobin Notes on a recent controversy by Seth Ackerman Hillary Clinton is an astute campaigner. In a Facebook Q&A the other day, she was asked about the Black Lives Matter protesters who interrupted Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley at the Netroots … Continue reading

Where did the Greek Bailout money go?

Where did the Greek bailout money go? Less than 10% of the money was used by the government for reforming its economy and safeguarding weaker members of society Phillip Inman Economics correspondent Monday 29 June 2015 Only a small fraction of the €240bn (£170bn) total bailout money Greece received in 2010 and 2012 found its … Continue reading

Top Ten Books about British in India

Top 10 books about the British in India From Rudyard Kipling to William Dalrymple, these titles document the folly, cruelty and heroism of the Raj What did the British think they were there for? … Judy Davis in the film version of A Passage to India. Photograph: Allstar Picture Library Ferdinand Mount Wednesday 15 April … Continue reading

The Spectre of the Thirties

The Spectre of the Thirties by Prabhat Patnaik The Reserve Bank of India, as is to be expected, has been denying that its governor Raghuram Rajan had ever suggested that the world was facing the possibility of a 1930s-type Great Depression. Members of the “global financial community” are not supposed to say such things; so … Continue reading

The Raj at War: A People’s History

The Raj at War: A People’s History of India’s Second World War by Yasmin Khan – review Britain too easily forgets that in fighting Germany it was heavily dependent on its empire, as this wonderfully detailed and original study shows Patrick French Thursday 23 July 2015 Yasmin Khan reminds us at the start of her … Continue reading

Japan’s Atomic Bomb Survivors continue to fight against Nuclear Weapons

Japan’s atomic bomb survivors continue in fight against nuclear weapons As Japan prepares to mark the 70th anniversary of the world’s first nuclear attack, survivors ponder how to continue warning of the horrors of nuclear war Justin McCurry in Hiroshima Sunday 2 August 2015 It is not as if Sunao Tsuboi needs another reminder of … Continue reading