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Editorial : October 2015

Hajj crush: how crowd disasters happen, and how they can be avoided Mass panic? Stampedes? Nonsense, say the experts trying to stop another disaster like last week’s in Mecca: they’re failures of management, and they aren’t inevitable. So why aren’t they a thing of the past? Leo Benedictus Saturday 3 October 2015 My story comes … Continue reading

P.M’s Kisaan Package: Little Relief for Peasents

PM’s Kisaan package: Little relief for peasants I.A. Rehman Now that the media hype about the prime minister’s relief package for small owner-cultivators (kisans) has subsided, it is possible to carry out a realistic assessment of the beneficiaries and those left out. The package is an attempt to redress some of the grievances about which … Continue reading

The Myth of Value Free Social Science

The Myth of ‘Value-Free’ Social Science Or The Value of Political Commitments to Social Science By Prof. James Petras Global Research, April 22, 2015 For many decades, mainstream social scientists, mostly conservative, have argued that political commitments and scientific research are incompatible. Against this current of opinion, others, mostly politically engaged social scientists, have argued … Continue reading

America’s Dark and not very Distant History of Hating Catholics

America’s dark and not-very-distant history of hating Catholics Progressives and conservatives are in a rare unity welcoming Pope Francis to the US, but anti-Catholicism was rampant before John F Kennedy was president Rory Carroll in Los Angeles @rorycarroll72 Saturday 12 September 2015 Congress and the United Nations rolling out their red carpets, nuns working overtime … Continue reading

New Research Documents Growth of Extreme Poverty

New Research Documents Growth of Extreme Poverty Published on Thursday, September 03, 2015 by TalkPoverty.org by Indivar Dutta-Gupta, Peter Edelman, LaDonna Pavetti ‘We must reform our public policies to ensure that nobody faces a poverty so deep that many of us wouldn’t even believe it exists in this wealthy nation.’ (Book detail: $2.00 a Day: … Continue reading

It Was Like Time Travel

‘It was like time travel. It reminds you just how courageous the suffragettes were’ A film out next month tells the story of women’s emancipation, and Helen Pankhurst has a small role. As the great-granddaughter of the woman who founded the suffragette movement, it was a chance to mend a family split Joanna Moorhead Saturday … Continue reading

How to Plan a Crusade

How to Plan a Crusade by Christopher Tyerman review – the role of reason in medieval religious wars ‘Medieval’ is often associated with barbarism and bigotry, but this fascinating study suggests it should refer to sophisticated propaganda and meticulous preparation Jessie Childs Friday 25 September 2015 This book opens disarmingly with a novice historian stumbling … Continue reading

Debacle Inc. :How Henry Kissinger Helped Disorder the World

Debacle, Inc.: How Henry Kissinger Helped Disorder the World Published on Monday, September 28, 2015 by TomDispatch by Greg Grandin Less well known about the Kissinger’s legacy is how his policies toward Iran and Saudi Arabia accelerated the radicalization in the region and how step by catastrophic step he laid the groundwork for the region’s … Continue reading

It is Fifty Years Since Indonesian Massacre of 1965…..

It is 50 years since the Indonesian massacre of 1965 but we cannot look away Laksmi Pamuntjak As Joko Widodo refuses to apologise to the victims of 1965, the business of confronting the past has reached a new urgency for Indonesia ‘In a statement in front of the leaders of the Muhammadiyah, the country’s second … Continue reading

“Universal Health Care” in Free Market Paradise

“Universal Health Care” in Free Market Paradise by Analytical Monthly Review Analytical Monthly Review, published in Kharagpur, West Bengal, India, is a sister edition of Monthly Review. Below is the editorial in its June 2015 issue. — Ed. The essence of “free market” ideology is exposed clearly when the health of the human body is … Continue reading