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Editorial: November 2015

Editorial: November 2015
The Fight against Darkness
Dr.Rasheed Hasan Khan.

Forty-one eminent writers, most of them Sahtiya Akademi Award winners, from the state and other party of the country today urged the people to join them to keep the idea of a plural, tolerant and diverse India alive. Among them are Punjabi writers, who recently returned their awards to protest the alleged assault on the freedom of expression.
In an open letter addressed to all citizens of the country, including the President, the writers said whenever the country faced any crisis, they had spoken about it. It was wrong to presume and propagate that writers had never shown their concern about the developments affecting the social fabric of the country.
The BJP leadership, including Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, recently opened front against the writers who returned their awards, saying it was a manufactured dissent. They had said the protests were targeted at Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Among the signatories to the letter are Ajmer Aulakh, Atamjit Singh, Baldev Singh Sadaknama, Chaman Lal, Waryam Sandhu, Dalip Kaur Tiwana, Darshan Buttar, Gurbachan Bhullar, Krishna Sobti, Nayantara Sahgal. They said: “We have seen an assault on certain facets of our day-to-day living… In response to such developments, several writers returned awards and resigned from their positions in the Sahitya Akademi; or issued statements to protest against the encouragement to intolerance that will have an adverse effect on the polity as well as on the relationship between castes and communities”.
They said: “We will continue to express their concerns in as many ways as we can, and in as many voices as possible.”


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