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Editorial: December 2015

Editorial: December 2015 After Paris ……? Dr.Rasheed Hasan Khan The carnage in Paris is a clear illustration of the adage – sowing the wind to reap the whirlwind. The perpetrators of the mayhem in Paris are reported to be affiliates of ISIS, which is a continuity of the extremist organization that came into existence after … Continue reading

The Miracle Called SIUT

The miracle called SIUT I.A. Rehman As the celebration of 40 years of dedicated service by SIUT moves towards its grand finale next week, civil society has ample reason to dedicate this great institution as its offering to the people of Pakistan. Surely SIUT is a most sparkling example of what can be done by … Continue reading

Nine Ways to Stop Terrorism

Nine Ways to Stop Terrorism If We Want To Stop Terrorism, We Should Stop SUPPORTING Terrorists By Washington’s Blog Global Research, November 19, 2015 Washington’s Blog 18 November 2015 In the wake of the barbaric Paris terror attacks, everyone is arguing over what we should do to stop further terrorism. Some say we need more … Continue reading

The Dirty War on Syria

The Dirty War on Syria By Prof. Tim Anderson Global Research, November 27, 2015 The following text is the introductory chapter of Professor Tim Anderson’s forthcoming book entitled The Dirty War on Syria Although every war makes ample use of lies and deception, the dirty war on Syria has relied on a level of mass … Continue reading

India is Being Ruled by a Hindu Taliban

India is being ruled by a Hindu Taliban Anish Kapoor Narendra Modi is clamping down on tolerance and freedom of expression. In Britain we have a responsibility to speak out against it Thursday 12 November 2015 The Hindu god Vishnu has several incarnations, many of them human. The latest of these appears to be Narendra … Continue reading

Pillage and Class Polarization

Pillage and Class Polarization: The Rise of “Criminal Capitalism” By Prof. James Petras Global Research, June 11, 2015 About 75% of US employees work 40 hours or longer, the second longest among all OECD countries, exceeded only by Poland and tied with South Korea. In contrast, only 10% of Danish workers, 15% of Norwegian, 30% … Continue reading

Signs of a Dying Society

Signs of a Dying Society Published on Monday, November 23, 2015 by Common Dreams by Paul Buchheit While Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning and John Kiriakou are vilified for revealing vital information about spying and bombing and torture, a man who conspired with Goldman Sachs to make billions of dollars on the planned failure of … Continue reading

Ten Billion Reasons to Demand System Change

Ten Billion Reasons to Demand System Change Published on Wednesday, November 25, 2015 by Share the World’s Resources With the release of a refreshingly pessimistic science-based documentary that connects human development with the global ecological crisis, there is even more reason for concerned citizens to take to the streets in unprecedented numbers to demand a … Continue reading

Violence, Victors and Victims

Violence, victors and victims: how to look at the art of the British empire There can be few more contentious subjects than the empire, and few artistic legacies more explosive. Now, Tate Britain is to hold the first major British exhibition of masterworks from the colonial period – and the results are revealing Elizabeth Butler’s … Continue reading

Wars Past and Wars to Come

Wars Past and Wars to Come by John Newsinger John Newsinger is Professor of Modern History at Bath Spa University. His books include The Blood Never Dried: A People’s History of the British Empire, Fighting Back: The American Working Class in the 1930s, and most recently a new, revised, and expanded edition of his British … Continue reading