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Editorial: April 2016

Editorial : April 2016 The Panama Papers – What Happens When Corruption Is Systemic Joe Brewer Over the weekend, an historic release of information came out in the Panama Papers showing exactly who, how, and when a vast network of people stole and hoarded money. Our minds easily grasp the realities of Vladimir Putin embezzling … Continue reading

Good Tidings from Lahore

Good tidings from Lahore I.A. REHMAN WHILE the Punjab government is yet to answer for its policy on the religious extremists, its shadow-boxing with the National Accountability Bureau and the orange train mega scandal, it will be unfair not to recognise some of its recent initiatives. Most commendable is the first Punjab Gender Parity Report … Continue reading

Pillaging the World

Pillaging the World. The History and Politics of the IMF By Ernst Wolff Global Research, January 02, 2016 The following text is the forward to Ernst Wolff‘s book entitled : Pillaging the World. The History and Politics of the IMF, Tectum Verlag Marburg, 2014, http://www.tectum-verlag.de. The book is available in English and German. No other … Continue reading

Coup in Honduras

Coup in Honduras   Stephen Zunes     On March 3, BertaCáceres, a brave and outspoken indigenous Honduran environmental activist and winner of the Goldman Environmental Prize, was gunned down in her hometown of La Esperanza. Erika Guevara-Rosas, Americas director for Amnesty International, noted how “For years, she had been the victim of a sustained campaign of harassment … Continue reading

A Good Reason to Read the Vedas

A good reason to read the Vedas   JAWED NAQVI     HOW can one ever justify the burning of books? And yet, books are burnt, increasingly so. These days books are also pulped because religious gurus don’t want them to reach the bookstores. Some have destroyed more books than they have read. Such people … Continue reading

Fidel Tells Obama

Fidel Tells Obama: ‘We Don’t Need the Empire to Give us Anything.’ Leader of the Cuban Revolution refutes the U.S. President’s account of their countries’ shared history by Lauren McCauley, staff writer   Former Cuban President Fidel Castro had a few things to say about U.S. President Barack Obama’s recent visit to his island nation, writing in … Continue reading

Stop Lecturing Cuba and Lift the Blockade

Stop Lecturing Cuba and Lift the Blockade by Marjorie Cohn Surrounding President Barack Obama’s historic visit to Cuba on March Stop 20, there is speculation about whether he can pressure Cuba to improve its human rights.  But a comparison of Cuba’s human rights record with that of the United States shows that the US should be taking … Continue reading

The Real Irish-American History Not Taught in Schools

Published on Tuesday, March 17, 2015 by Zinn Education Project by Bill Bigelow To support the famine relief effort, British tax policy required landlords to pay the local taxes of their poorest tenant farmers, leading many landlords to forcibly evict struggling farmers and destroy their cottages in order to save money. (Sketch: The Irish Famine: … Continue reading

Why do we have unemployment?

Why Do We Have Unemployment? by Prabhat Patnaik Unemployment has become so persistent a phenomenon in contemporary times that there is a common feeling that it is a “natural” state of affairs, that nothing can ever be done about it, and that the only way to have greater employment opportunities coming your way is either … Continue reading