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Cuba’s Medical Mission

Cuba’s Medical Mission by Don Fitz DON FITZ is a member of the National Committee of the Green Party USA and newsletter editor for the Green Party of St. Louis, where he also produces the program Green Time in conjunction with the independent television station KNLC. John M. Kirk, Health Care without Borders: Understanding Cuban … Continue reading

Democratic System at Risk

Democratic system at risk I.A. Rehman ELECTED civilian governments in Pakistan have mostly owed their fall less to the opposition parties’ doings and more to their own death wish. Hopes that our politicians had learnt enough to avoid history being repeated have unfortunately begun to fade. The public complaint that the state’s writ in regard … Continue reading

Inayat Raza

PIA’s Inayet Raza lived by his words and died living up to them By Fatima Zaidi February 03, 2016 Karachi “No matter what the extent of callousness is that we see, we should speak up and make our voices heard regardless of what corner of the world we live in!” was the motto 58-year-old Inayet … Continue reading

The Davos Blind Eye

The Davos Blind Eye: How the Rich Eat the Poor and the World The Big Lies By Prof. John McMurtry Global Research, January 24, 2016 The just-released Oxfam Davos Report which the mass media have ignored arrestingly shows that 62 individuals – 388 in 2010 – now own more wealth than 50% of the world’s … Continue reading

Attacks on US Public Workers and Unions Increase

Attacks on US Public Workers and Unions Intensify By Jack Rasmus Global Research, January 30, 2016 JackRasmus.com 29 January 2016 The destruction of unions in the US has been going on for decades, steadily intensifying since the 1970s. But recent, and pending, U.S. Supreme Court decisions are now leading a new, intensive attack on unionization … Continue reading

Left Anti-communism

Left Anticommunism: The Unkindest Cut By Michael Parenti Global Research, January 21, 2016 The Greanville Post Vol. IX 23 May 2015 “Part opportunism, part careerism, part willful denial (or ignorance) of true capitalist and imperial dynamics, and part attachment to the comforts of being within the respectable fold of “permissible” criticism, Left Anticommunism continues to … Continue reading

Three Middle Class Killing Industries for 2016

Three Middle-Class-Killing Industries for 2016 Published on Monday, January 04, 2016 by Common Dreams Paul Buchheit People are seen waiting in line to meet with recruiters during a job fair in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo: AP/file) Capitalist enterprises have little incentive to work for ordinary people, and instead they do whatever is necessary to enrich the … Continue reading

To Recover Strategic Thought and Political Practice

To Recover Strategic Thought and Political Practice by Chris Gilbert It is common to understand the diverse “processes” in Latin America — in the period marked initially by Zapatismo in the mid-1990s and later by the emergence of left or popular governments in Venezuela, Bolivia, and Ecuador along with center-left governments in Brazil, Uruguay, and … Continue reading

Reminder to the Prime Minister

Reminder to the prime minister I.A. Rehman Sarkar-i-aala, tomorrow a new year begins. I do not think you believe in New Year night revelry, so you should be up early to begin the second half of your tenure, full of hope that in this third attempt you will be able to complete the constitutionally fixed … Continue reading

The New Imperialist Carve up of the Middle East

The New Imperialist Carve-up of the Middle East By Joseph Kishore Global Research, December 07, 2015 The events of the past week will go down in history as a milestone in the development of 21st century imperialism. In the space of a few days, the United States, Britain, and Germany escalated their military involvement in … Continue reading