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Editorial: April 2016

Editorial : April 2016 The Panama Papers – What Happens When Corruption Is Systemic Joe Brewer Over the weekend, an historic release of information came out in the Panama Papers showing exactly who, how, and when a vast network of people stole and hoarded money. Our minds easily grasp the realities of Vladimir Putin embezzling … Continue reading

Editorial: March 2016

Editorial: March 2016 India’s Extreme Right and JNU Dr. Rasheed Hasan Khan Many institutions of higher education in India have been in a ferment during the last few weeks. In various cities, students have marched to denounce the arrest in Delhi of Kanhaiya Kumar, president of the Jawaharlal Nehru University Students’ Union on charges of … Continue reading

Editorial: February 2016

Privatisation blues Dr Niaz Murtaza The PML-N’s privatisation agenda is in trouble. Halfway through its tenure, it has not chalked any major achievements in this area, as true too in other economic areas like energy and exports. The PPP-controlled Senate has blocked PIA’s privatisation while PIA employees, whose union activities the government curtailed yesterday, are … Continue reading

Editorial : January 2016

Editorial : January 2016 The Year In Retrospect Dr. Rasheed Hasan Khan It was a year which saw its share of disasters. The year 2015 will conjure up the months leading up to the invasion of Iraq in 2003. The surge of Islamic State, the flowing blood of the Shia-Sunni divides across the Middle East, … Continue reading

Editorial: December 2015

Editorial: December 2015 After Paris ……? Dr.Rasheed Hasan Khan The carnage in Paris is a clear illustration of the adage – sowing the wind to reap the whirlwind. The perpetrators of the mayhem in Paris are reported to be affiliates of ISIS, which is a continuity of the extremist organization that came into existence after … Continue reading

Editorial: November 2015

Editorial: November 2015 The Fight against Darkness Dr.Rasheed Hasan Khan. Forty-one eminent writers, most of them Sahtiya Akademi Award winners, from the state and other party of the country today urged the people to join them to keep the idea of a plural, tolerant and diverse India alive. Among them are Punjabi writers, who recently … Continue reading

Editorial : October 2015

Hajj crush: how crowd disasters happen, and how they can be avoided Mass panic? Stampedes? Nonsense, say the experts trying to stop another disaster like last week’s in Mecca: they’re failures of management, and they aren’t inevitable. So why aren’t they a thing of the past? Leo Benedictus Saturday 3 October 2015 My story comes … Continue reading

Editorial: September 2015

Editorial :September 2015 The Refugee Exodus Dr. Rasheed Hasan Khan As tens of thousands of refugees continue to flee conflict-ridden countries, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, Western European governments and international humanitarian organisations are struggling to cope with the grave humanitarian crisis. The refugee crisis is a direct result of the US and NATO’s … Continue reading

Editorial: August 2015

Editorial : August 2015 Dispossessing the Dispossessed Dr.Rasheed Hasan Khan A katchi abadi in sector I-11,Islamabad, that was home to more than ten thousand people, was razed to the ground a few days back. The residents were given just three days’ notice to vacate and no compensation and relocation plans were announced by the administration, … Continue reading

Top Ten Books about British in India

Top 10 books about the British in India From Rudyard Kipling to William Dalrymple, these titles document the folly, cruelty and heroism of the Raj What did the British think they were there for? … Judy Davis in the film version of A Passage to India. Photograph: Allstar Picture Library Ferdinand Mount Wednesday 15 April … Continue reading