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Editorial: July 2015

Editorial : July 2015 The Heat Wave Dr.Rasheed Hasan Khan Sind in general and Karachi in particular has been a victim of neglect and mismanagement of public utilities and services during the last few decades. Water supply is subject to unexplained breakdowns and interruptions, some times for days on end. Electrical power is an on … Continue reading

Editorial : June 2015

Editorial : June 2015 The Sounds of Silence Dr.Rasheed Hasan Khan Countless Rohingyas are stranded at sea, lacking food, water and sanitation, seeking refuge in countries whose navies are bent upon foiling their desperate attempts to find asylum. The only country so far, to have offered them refuge is the Philippines, a Catholic-dominated country, while … Continue reading

Editorial: May 2015

Editorial:MAY 2015 May Day Dr.Rasheed Hasan Khan Industrialization in Pakistan began with the Korean War Boom in the 50’s of the last century. The Korean War created a huge demand for raw material such as jute and manufactured goods like textiles etc. The textile industry grew as a result of government patronage with organization like … Continue reading

Editorial: April 2015

Editorial: April 2015 Yemen — Need for a Political Solution. Dr.Rasheed Hasan Khan What began as an internal power struggle in Yemen has turned into multifaceted crisis with the intervention of Saudi Arabia and the Saudi lead coalition of mainly Arab Powers.So far the coalition has relied mainly on massive air strikes but there is … Continue reading

Editorial: March 2015

Editorial: March 2015 Reforming the Curriculum Dr.Rasheed Hasan Khan There is no doubt that the quality of education imparted by an institution is preponderantly dependent on the quality of the curriculum adopted by the institution. It is the general opinion of the clear headed and objective minded intelligentsia in Pakistan that over the last few … Continue reading

Editorial: February 2015

Editorial: February 2015 Obama’s India Yatra Dr. Rasheed Hasan Khan U.S. President Obama’s India Yatra concluded amidst a fanfare of pomp and circumstance.This was Obama’s second visit to India during his Presidential tenure. He happens to be the first US President to be invited as Chief Guest in the Republic Day Celebrations held every year … Continue reading

Neel Mukherjee’s Top 10 Books about Revolutionaries

Neel Mukherjee’s top 10 books about revolutionaries Those acting to overthrow an existing order have not had an easy ride from writers, but the portraits here give compelling life to these turbulent men and women Neel Mukherjee Wednesday 14 January 2015 The Naxalite revolution – an ultra-left, Maoist movement – in Bengal, and elsewhere in … Continue reading

Editorial: January 2015

A Sad Day IN the end, our political leadership proved unable to defend the constitutional and democratic roots of the system or resist the generals’ demands. Pakistan is to have military courts once again. To establish them the politicians have agreed to distort the principle of separation of powers, smash the edifice of rights upon … Continue reading

Editorial: December 2014

Editorial: December 2014 ….and now “shutting down” urban centers Dr.Rasheed Hasan Khan Hardly had the public heaved a sigh of relief on the peaceful passage of 30 November, when the PTI supremo Imran Khan announced his “Plan C”. This cast a pall of anxiety over the country once again. Plan C is the time table … Continue reading

Editorial : November 2014

Editorial: November 2014 The Casualty of Political Rhetoric Dr.Rasheed Hasan Khan Political leaders in Pakistan have lately stepped up their hype and rhetoric, rolling out an intricate mix of fact and fantasy that leaves the public speechless. There are public speeches, interviews on print and electronic media and auto-biographic expositions. Sadly enough, truth is usually … Continue reading